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Mice infestations are not only a health danger but also cause damage to Hampstead properties. A mouse deterrent or mouse prevention methods will ensure that these dangers never arise. Our pest experts are able to provide this service to ensure you never experience mice pests by analysing your Hampstead domestic or commercial property for the best solutions.

If however the problem has already arisen our Hampstead mouse control team can be with you that same day to eliminate or remove the mice pests humanely. With an express local Hampstead pest controller you are guaranteed a service that is second to none.

Example of our pest services

The most commonly encountered mouse is the house mouse (Mus musculus). They live alongside humans, nesting in buildings and eating stored food. Farms, houses, hospitals, schools, food factories, hotels and restaurants all provide shelter and sustenance for an mice.

Wild mice are carriers of disease that can be transmitted to humans. Mice feed on crops, and typically feed on cereals and grains if inside a property; the most common evidence of a mouse problem is chewed food packaging.

It is imperative that mice be controlled as soon as they are spotted, as their excrement can carry parasites and bacteria. In most cases, we employ traps that use a Warfarin-based poison.